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10 Step Cabinet Refacing Process

What To Expect When You Have Your Cabinets Refaced With Us

Refacing Cabinets Should Be Easy (For You)

You’re counting on us to create a beautiful and functional space that draws family and friends into your home. TruCustom Cabinet’s process focuses on making the most functional use of space to you to meet your vision.

kitchen cabinet refacing

Let’s build something amazing together.

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Step 1


Our team works closely with you to understand your needs, preferences, and budget. We provide education on the available options and guide you through the decision-making process to achieve the desired outcome. During this consultation we will take measurements to ensure we provide you with an accurate quote.  Your cabinet refacing estimate will reflect the construction, installation, and finish.

Step 2

Receive & Review Your Cabinet Refacing Estimate

Within 3-5 business days you will be provided a detailed estimate for refacing your existing cabinets. This will also include a review of any considerations that may be present (like electrical outlets needing to be moved, added lighting, access panels for plumbing, etc.). We will answer any questions you may have and if possible – can rework the estimate to meet budget considerations.

Step 3


The old adage of “Measure Twice, Cut Once” is one that we live by.
Once you have approved your estimate and are ready to move forward the work begins. We take necessary precautions to protect your home by masking and draping the project site to prevent damage or stains. You need only to clear the countertops, empty cabinets and drawers, and lead us to your kitchen.

Step 4

Cleaning & Patching

We remove the existing doors and drawer fronts, clean the cabinet boxes, and repair any dents or scratches. Our cleaning solution eliminates contaminants such as grease or wax that may prevent the paint or stain from adhering.

Step 5


We prime your cabinets with a specialized primer to ensure proper adhesion with the final paint or stain color of your choice. This step prevents bleed-through and creates an even, superior look.

Step 6

Protective Finish Application

Our technicians apply a layer of protective finish for extra protection and longevity.

Step 7

Color Application

Using a color match system, we apply the paint or stain color you’ve chosen to the cabinet boxes, doors and drawer fronts.

Step 8

Protective Finish

We apply a clear protective coat to seal and cure the cabinet doors, drawer fronts, and boxes.

Step 9


Once the color application stage is complete, we install the finished doors and drawer fronts. We also install any cabinet pulls or handles you’ve selected.

Step 10


Finally, our installers conduct a final inspection to ensure that you’re satisfied with the results.

Let’s build something amazing together.

Need a custom kitchen cabinet refacing quote?

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