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Finding the Right Custom Cabinet Maker Will Save You Time, Money, and Headaches

We’ve all had experiences with contractors, plumbers, painters, etc. that did not meet our expectations. Given the investment you will make in custom cabinets, finding the right custom cabinet maker is paramount.

Don’t be afraid to be picky when selecting a custom cabinet maker.

Hiring a custom cabinet maker should be a highly selective process. At TruCustom Cabinets, we expect our clients to ask a lot of questions, review our past cabinet projects and read all our reviews before deciding to use us.

Skilled and reputable cabinet makers understand the importance to using high quality domestic hardwoods and unique designs in the cabinets they make. They work hard to execute the visions that homeowners have for their new custom cabinetry.

With so many custom cabinet pros out there, how can you be sure you hire the right one?

1. Do Your Homework

The first step in choosing a reliable custom cabinet maker is to conduct thorough research. Create a list of local professionals offering the solutions you need. Then call each one to ask questions about their services, their prices, the materials they use and how their process works. Compare the answers you receive to determine which ones best matches your needs. After narrowing down your choices, get formal quotes for your project. You can then compare the costs and features of each option before deciding which one is right for you.  There are many different materials that can be used for your build, ensuring the right materials used will help longevity of your investment.

2. Cabinet Building Experience Matters

You want to hire an experienced custom cabinet maker with experience building cabinets for kitchens, bathrooms, and other parts of the home. For example, if you need kitchen cabinets, make sure the cabinet maker has experience building kitchen cabinets. Similarly, if you’re looking for bathroom cabinets, make sure the person you hire has experience building those types of cabinets. Ensuring the cabinet maker’s experience matches your needs will help you get the right expertise—someone who can handle any obstacles while working hard for you.

3. Get References

Don’t be shy about asking for references from each of the cabinet makers on your shortlist. Any reputable professional should always have a list of happy clients to share. If the cabinet maker doesn’t or is hesitant to share references, that’s a definite red flag (and it’s time to move on to the next name on your list).

Reading reviews or talking to previous customers helps you understand how the custom cabinet maker delivers and treats their clients. You’ll hear firsthand from someone who was once in your shoes: does the cabinet maker do quality work? Have there been lawsuits filed against him or her? Are clients extremely satisfied? D

Don’t forget to check their BBB rating and ask to come by their shop to see projects being built.  The number of projects ongoing for a cabinet maker will tell you about their credibility in the community.

4. Check Out Their Previous Custom Cabinet Projects

Look for project photos on their website, ask for additional photos if they have them. Seek out samples of their work on social media.

5. Always Ask Questions

Don’t be afraid to ask questions.  The right custom cabinet builder won’t be bothered and should actually welcome your questions. This is also a great chance to see how they communicate.

Here are a few questions to ask…

  • Can I visit your showroom and workshop?
  • Is the entire cabinet custom made or are part of it pre-made?
  • Can I see samples of your work from 3 years ago?
  • Can I have 3 references for past projects like mine? Can I contact them?
  • Do you do the cabinet finishing yourself?

Note: Not all cabinet makers do the finishing themselves. This is fine and actually quite common. If they say they have someone else do the finishing, ask them what standards are they held to, and what would happen if something went wrong in the finishing process.

6. Talk Money

Have a set budget in mind before you start shopping around for a cabinet maker. You should know what you can afford before you begin searching for a cabinet maker. A good rule of thumb is to not hire someone who charges too little. It may be tempting to go with a cheaper option because they offer a low rate, but if you end up paying for quality craftsmanship, you won’t be happy with the final product. When you find a cabinet maker who offers fair prices, you’ll be able to get exactly what you want without having to worry about breaking the bank.

7. Make Sure They’re Good Communicators

Your initial contact with the custom cabinet maker should be easy and pleasant. He or she should be able to answer any questions you may have about the project and provide you with an estimate of costs. During the project, you should be able to ask him or her any questions you may have, and he or she should be able answer them clearly and concisely. Part of good communication is also timely communication. Do they respond to your emails or phone calls in a timely manner? Do they give you the impression that they are “happy to help” or that you are bothering them? Do you feel like the really get your vision?

8. Check Out Their Online Reputation

Customer reviews and testimonial are important indicators of the quality of workmanship offered by any custom cabinet maker. Check out the client reviews and testimonials to get an idea of what others think and what their experience was. Make a note of the cabinetmaker’s responses to these reviews, especially the negative reviews. This should give you a good idea of how responsive the cabinet maker is to customer feedback. Browse through the cabinets maker’s website and see if they are affiliated with reputable organizations such as the Better Business Bureau, the American Woodworkers Institute, etc. These are reliable associations that show the cabinet maker is Credible and established.

Make TruCustom Cabinets Your Custom Cabinet Maker

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